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I am Loïca, a Chilean singer and songwriter.
Singing is how I navigate the world.
I seek to transform what I experience in poetry, music;
sound waves that may brighten your soul.

In my first album “A la Sombra de Su Árbol” (In the shade of her tree)
I sing to the melting glaciers in the Andean Region,
to stand with people confronting the effects of climate change,
to liberate my indignation and rage,
to protest the drowned lives in the Mediterranean,
to imagine the hope and strength of the tallest waterfall on Earth.

A la Sombra de Su Árbol was produced and recorded in Bogotá.
The album was possible thanks to the collaborative work of 7 Colombian musicians.
They are birds who sing with me on the album.

Now I sing, live and create in Boston, where I collaborate with
local musicians and mentors.