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In Colombia, where music is sung, stoomped and danced to defend from violence, Loïca has found a talented and visionary group of musicians to work with in her album “In the shade of her tree.”

Alvaro Salamanca



Guitarist – student of Music Production at EMMAT. He has worked in the fields of music education and organizing in different governmental institutions and in local communities with different groups, populations (from children to seniors, women, and people in vulnerable living conditions.) He is a co-founder of Banda Etérea, music project that has won different youth initiatives in the local and national level. Salamanca is director of Espiral de la Caracola, a music production, and cultural management collective.

16409177_10158125012840317_487079459_oJorge Galiki
Colombo-Venezuelan musician, he has undertaken music studies since an early age. He is a current member, co-founder and composer in the band Mandorla, where he interprets guitar, cuatro and second voices. He plays the bass with Andrés Gualdrón y Los Animales Blancos. He is one of the organizers and founders of GritoFest “emerging song,” festival of the itinerant song in Bogotá. Galiki teaches instrument, ensemble, and music theory in EMMAT, Bogotá.

Ricardo Martínez13502787_10157053980675317_4595998657678583960_o
Musician, violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer from Bogotá. Martínez has won the contest “Sonidos de Los Andes” (Sounds from the Andes) and a scholarship given by IDARTES (Distrital Institute of the Arts) to study music production in EMMAT. He won the festival Killa Raymi in the “media torta” in Bogotá, the festival K cero, and festival of “100 urban interventions in one day.”
Martínez has also participated in various concerts and festivals, worked as music arranger in diverse music projects, numerous bands, and Colombian short-films. He has taught music in different institutions in Bogotá, he is the ex-director of the music school in Berejú. Martinez is the current director of the company “teambuilding musical Hayah.”

foto-artistica-rafael-floridoRafael Florido
He is a master in music with a specialization in the classic flute from the school of arts ASAB. He started his music education at the Foundation Nueva Cultura, Bogotá. Florido performed with the group Azurita at the VIII and IX encounter for children’s song from Latin America and the Caribean in Valparaíso, Chile (2007) and México DF, México (2009). Florido has performed in the art festival of the Superior Arts Academy in Bogotá, Csabierta and at the series of Young Interprets at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango (2009). He participated in the music festival Femusc, in Santa Caterin, Brazil (2014 and 2015). He won the contest of young soloists from the Cali Antonio María Valencia conservatory (2016).

12829134_10153779130487740_6803688280702914099_oJuan David Castaño
Master of visual arts from the National Universtiy of Colombia. Musician, professor, percussionist, and interpret of marimba de chonta. Castaño is a composer and producer with a long trajectory in the research and investigation of traditional Colombian music, and of the popular Latin-American music. He has learned side by side with popular masters that embody that ancestral legacy.

Pablo Madroñero
Multi-percussionist musician, researcher and interpret. Madroñero has learned with traditional masters and explored and self-taught diverse rhythms and instruments from the Colombian, Latinamerican Folklore and traditional Arab and Egyptian music. Pablo has experience in the design of sound and composing music for theater and dance. He is a versatile percussionist who has worked in diverse music projects that blend together sounds and world music with elements from the folklore and traditional music.